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Channel Rose

Channel Rose

(2014) 5’
for soprano saxophone and vibraphone


Commissioned by Eleesha Drennan Dance for the production Channel Rose as part of the Sky Arts Fellowship.


★★★★ a fantastical score’ / Sinead Ali / Buzz Magazine
‘a spare, evocative soundworld’
/ Judith Mackrell / Guardian
‘Mark Bowden is responsible for the musical choices from John Woolrich, Andy Scott, Iannis Xenakis and Graham Fitkin, and provides three of his own, one for solo saxophone, one for solo percussion and one for saxophone and vibraphone. The quality of the works and the artistry with which Warburton and Haram play them create a dynamic structure for Channel Rose through which the dance flows and in which it sometimes gets thrillingly entwined’ / Nicholas Minns / Writing About Dance

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